McDonald food safety

McDonald’s Food Safety Means New Nuggets

McDonald's food safety

With so many recent scandals, McDonald’s food safety authorities in Japan have revolutionised the ingredients used in their McNuggets. Instead of using chicken, they used tofu and fish instead. Though it may seem like a ridiculous idea, the Japanese have welcomed the alternative and feel safer consuming more ‘organic’ products.

After the controversy in China concerning the expired chicken meat used in the factories in China, Japan released the Tofu Shinjo McNuggets. Its main ingredients are minced white fish, tofu and vegetables including edamame, soy beans and carrots. This is mixed together and then deep fried to a golden brown shape. It looks very similar to the original but is mushy on the inside.

This is not new thing for McDonald’s. This fast food chain is renowned for adapting their menu for local flavours, e.g. McDonald’s India has the McAloo Tikki sandwich which caters to vegetarian patrons with its potato and peas patty, Hong Kong released a burger bun made of rice and gazpacho in Spain.

Japan moved their chicken imports from China to Thailand within two weeks of the news about China but it was not enough for them to produce all their chicken products.

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