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Modern Food Safety… Lacks Improvement?


Modern food safety regulations discussed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America seem to have no improvement in making food safer for the populace. Even with an expensive campaign running, many think the proposed changes will have no affect on consumers.

In late September 2014, the FDA announced the two key changes they were going to make to the Food Safety Modernisation Act that was passed in 2011. Back then, the revisions were said to be the most important changes that were made for food safety regulation in the past 75 years. However, in 2013, there were two rules that were under the fires of criticism. One of the proposed laws would force small farmers and local food entrepreneurs to adopt onerous, expensive, and unnecessary farming practices and procedures (click here for our previous post regarding this topic). Many people, especially farmers and producers, argued against these changes but expenditure isn’t the only concern.

From a report provided by the FDA, the maximum benefit that the original regulation made was to reduce 5.4% of foodborne illnesses. A main issue is that the FDA cannot meet consumer demand is because people confuse modernising food safety with improving food safety. Unfortunately, these two ideals do not go hand in hand…

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