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Modern Food Safety Moves To Phone App


America is moving into the modern food safety universe with a new phone app! The app is designed for the users to track the ratings that food safety inspectors have given a restaurant. The inspiration came from trained chef, Matthew Eirman. Being someone who works closely in the food industry, he wanted the piece of mind when walking into a diner or restaurant. He was always concerned with issues like cross-contamination and proper holding temperatures, things he himself avoids at all cost in his day job.

Normally, customers would have to get the information on a restaurant’s health inspections from visiting local health district’s website and if you are unlucky, you might also land in a complex web of links before you come up with the desired result. The app saves you all that trouble. It displays a map of the user’s area and shows a percentage score for each establishment

How will modern food safety continue to change?

This is just the first step for modern food safety! We have heard that restaurant rating app Yelp! has helped government food safety inspectors tackle places that might have fallen under their radar. This kind of technology will keep restaurant and other food-related businesses on their toes. With such easy access for consumers, they better watch out!

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