Myth BUSTED: food safety lies come into the light!

May 09

The three second rule is only just an example of food safety myths that go around the public circles. I am sure you all know more than that one. But how true are these myths that have been told for generations? Some of the myths regarding food safety and hygiene regarding children are busted in an article posted by Columbia Tribune (click for the full article).

As an avid cookie dough eater, I was shocked and ‘slightly’ sad that it contains germs that could cause food poisoning. I was completely unaware of the germs present in the raw materials in cookie dough and the consequent pangs it can cause. As I prepare to make a batch of cookies in a few days time, I will be more aware of consuming cookie dough (though knowing my own disposition, I probably will go on and consume it anyway). That habit is going to be tough to break…

So how can we stay above the lies about food safety in society? Simple. Do research. There are many books and websites that are dedicated to discerning myth and truth about food. Since scientist and nutritionists have done the hard yards of experimenting and testing these myths already, so our role as consumers of the books and articles is to take them to heart.

Now that you know the truth, how should we apply it? Well for me, I shall break the habit that I know is bad for me! Perseverance will be key at this point and a diligent practice of doing the right food safety habit must be committed in its place instead. Another practice to take will be to remind others about the new truth discovered. Tell them that the food fact is indeed not a fact, but a mere myth. With more people aware, food poising over such myths will become less common in our society!

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