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New Food Safety Code For Greens

food safety

The state of Michigan recently changed their Food Code and declared that cut leafy greens are potentially hazardous food. This means, by the law, they are to be treated as if it is like eggs, raw meat and other perishable products that require refrigeration. The new law might cause complications in sales of some lettuce and spinach at farmer’s markets.

Simply harvesting spinach or baby lettuce, washing and then selling it is considered a raw agricultural commodity, therefore there is no need for refrigeration. It is only if the seller mixes the greens or spinach with baby lettuce or mix herbs then it would be considered as potentially hazardous.

Here are some points that should be kept in mind if you plan on selling leafy greens at a market;

  • Know the market you purchase your greens. Observe how much the grocer sells on a weekly basis so that it can reduce the amount that needs to be stored or discarded.

  • Keep the greens in a cool environment. A low-cost method of keeping the greens cool is by having a portable cooler to keep the green in the market fresh. Keeping it cool is as easy as putting ice or frozen drinks in the portable cooler to provide a chilly environment for the greens.

  • Keep an eye on the temperature of your greens. Ideally, the greens should be kept in a 0º-5º Celsius. One should keep tabs on the varying temperatures with a fridge thermometer..

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