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New Food Safety Tool: Dry Ice

food safety

An American company, Continental Carbonic – a provider of dry ice equipment, offers new technology that will help keep a good level of food safety. The technology uses dry ice to blast away at debris and contaminants from various food processing equipment. It uses pieces of dry ice and uses high-pressure air to hit food equipment services.

One of the main characteristics that make dry ice cleaning better than normal method is that it freezes the contaminant and it will falls to the floor; there’s nothing left over except what you’re trying to clean. This gives it a more thorough clean and you will not be introducing new bacteria accidentally as you wipe the surfaces. Another key factor that makes dry ice superior to using regular methods is the absence of water.

Water promotes the growth of bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and mold. This new invention eliminates the introduction of water. The other positive aspect of using dry ice is its quality of being able to keep the equipment hot while cleaning it. In most other scenarios, it is necessary to cool down equipments before cleaning – it even works best when it is kept in a hot environment.

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