new zealand food safety

New Zealand Food Safety: Silence…

new zealand food safety

There has been a cone of silence in regards to New Zealand food safety. New Zealand has just appointed a new Food Safety Minister, Jo Goodhew, and has made no comment on the painful food poisoning epidemic that has currently plagued the country. Thus far, 127 victims have been confirmed to suffer from ersinia pseudotuberculosis and 38 people have been hospitalised as a result of the bug.

Last week, the Environmental and Scientific Research (ESR) provided various reports to help the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) figure out the possible source of the stomach bug. Even after the ESR’s aid, the ministry continues to refuse to provide any more information for consumers. Furthermore, New Zealand supermarket giant, Fooddstuffs, has also refused to pinpoint which farm affected two of their products.

On the 14th of October, MPI’s deputy director general regulation and assurance, Scott Gallacher , informed the press that the ESR reports are insufficient to provide a conclusive answer. An example given was the reports inability to pin-point the type of lettuce, or product, or brand that affected the distribution chain at the supermarkets.

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