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Organic Food causing GM problems


Organic food has been a topic of hot debate for a while now. Yesterday, the Western Australian Government lodged an application for an organic farmer, Steve Marsh, who lost his organic certification after his neighbour’s genetically modified (GM) products came onto his.

Spokesperson of the Organic Industry Standards and Certification Council, Marg Will, said that the government’s application was contradictory to the international food laws. The laws put out by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) states that all materials from GM products do not align with the principles of organic production.

The organic issue.

Though the issue seems a little finicky, it is a serious topic. Though the majority of the product produced on Mr Marsh’s was produced with organic materials, that small percentage of GM food makes it invalid. You can not put the label of organic on something that isn’t 100% organic. We know proper food labelling is very important to the producers and consumers. By misusing this trust, consumer confidence can go downhill.

It may seem that the Organic Industry Standards and Certification Council seem strict but it is done to preserve the dignity of organic food.

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