Pets Get The Food Safety Check Too!

For those that are fortunate enough to have them, I am certain you would love your pets. As a result of our affection for them, they also now have the same rights in food safety! I mean, their quirky nature deserves all the care that we can give them.

Recently, the United States halted the sale of Chinese pet treats at PETCO, an U.S. pet food store. The decision was made after pet owners expressed concerns for contamination in the treats. However, many believe that will not be the end of the story.

Rival pet shop company PetSmart also announced that it will take the Chinese pet treats off their shelves. This a result of over 1000 of dog deaths in the past few years as result of consuming the Chinese pet snacks. There was a massive pet food recall in 2007 that implicated Chinese producers, and there were worried that those ingredients could have made it into the human food supply.

Food safety scandals are rampant, and by some estimates as much as one fifth of the country’s soil is contaminated. Chinese who can afford it buy imported food whenever possible—and those who can’t just hope they’re lucky. Tainted pet food may get the headlines in the U.S., but food safety is far worse—for animals and people—in China itself.

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