food safety

Prisoners Deserve Food Safety Too.

food safety

In Michigan, US, a food safety report found maggots in the cracks around a food service line at Parnall Correctional Facility. Though it may not be found in the food, the thought itself is stressful and disturbing. The center located in Jackson had 30 prisoners suffer from food poisoning after this incident. Governor Rick Snyder has become seriously concerned for the “quality and safety” of prison food around Michigan.

Aramark Correctional Services is one of the overarching private provider for a few Michigan Department of Corrections. The company was put on notice earlier in the year for going forward with unapproved menu changes and food shortages. It has not been a good year for them. However,  Aramark officials claim that the discovery of the maggots is not the cause of the recent illnesses but it serves as a significant sanitary issue.

Having privatised the prison setting, should Michigan move back to a more central system? Snyder disagrees and does not believe one contractor’s fault should affect how others a viewed. Even though companies like Aramark has caused the job loss of over 300 people.

And what about the prisoners? They are probably on the mend, but the report does not state much about them.

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