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Raw Milk, Now A National Issue


Raw milk. It seems like that this topic is all that we have heard about for the last few weeks (I for one was hoping for a new topic for the new year…), but considering the deadly results seen last year, it is good to continue to have this on our radar. After the Victorian government proposed a gag-inducing chemical be added to all raw milk products (click here for the full report on our blog), the New South Wales (NSW) government has also plans for raw milk.

Since raw milk is already illegal in all Australian states, raw milk is sold in four out of five Sydney-based health stores. In order to bypass this rule, they label the raw milk as bath milk – a cosmetic product. One particular store that sold raw milk had very clear labels stating that it does not endorse the consumption of the ‘bath milk’. However even with such clear labeling, many sellers know that this ‘cosmetic product’ is drank by consumers, either out of their own prerogative or by the advice of a doctor who says that the bacteria found in raw milk is beneficial to one’s health.

NSW Premier Mr Mike Baird is concerned over the recent reports of raw milk and wishes to transform the laws as to prevent the consumption of raw milk in NSW to the maximum extent possible, and is determined to follow through at COAG (Council of Australian Governments).

National Implications for Raw Milk

If two states down under are already in the progress of changing their laws on the selling of raw milk, I am certain the other states will follow suit…and are probably already discussing possible changes! Especially with the NSW Premier determined to share his thoughts at the COAG. It seems like an only matter of time before raw milk becomes a forbidden elixir.

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