russia food safety

Russia Food Safety: Croc Meat

russia food safety

After the embargo on imports set a few months ago, Russia food safety has turned to crocodile for their source of protein. The embargo set by the Russian government was stemmed by their involver with Ukraine. As the relationship between the two countries soured, and like in most under-dog stories, many Western countries took to Ukraine’s side in the debate and made out Russia as the bad guys. In retaliation to this, Russia stopped trading with many Western country. This has stopped their import of foods such as beef and pork. This has hence led to the rise of crocodile meat.

From The Moscow Times, the Russian food safety authorities have approved the import of crocodile meat from the Phillipines. Russia is also considering importing from India, to source out buffalo meat. They would lift its dismissal of the meat many years ago after concern of its quality. To ease the populace in eating exotic meat, the government’s official paper wrote an article praising the culinary qualities of ‘exotic’ meats.

However, many citizens are concerned about the rising inflation as a result of the Western embargo and its consequent exotic meat hype. For example, wholesale prices for chicken legs on Sakhalin Island in Russia’s Far East skyrocketed by 60 percent. The cost of meat in the nearby Primorsky region rose by 26 percent. Finally, fish prices went up 40 percent.

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