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Sysco Food Safety Breach Costed Nearly $20M

food safety

Major food distributor in the United States, Sysco, was fined almost $20M for storing perishable goods in unrefrigerated storage. The Californian State Court has ordered Sysco and its seven operating companies within California to pay off their hefty fine.

This attitude of the company betrays the consumer’s trust. As it is lawful for consumer’s to be sure that their food is handled in the utmost professional manner, Sysco’s breach means that their products can be quite dangerous.

From the report from court, the company’s food trucks would carry some of its smaller food orders to unrefrigerated and unsanitary sheds. Obviously, this could cause problems for the goods in question, especially items that contain milk. These orders would then be, allegedly, picked up by a personal vehicle and carried the food to consumers.

The breach was found after last year’s news report. A local (Santa Clara County – California) television company exposed alleged offenses by Sysco and this triggered a state wide investigation into the food safety standards of the company. From the case, state inspectors found that Sysco used a total off 22 unregistered and unauthorised food storage sites in California.

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