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Food Safety and the Tasmanian Deal With China


The credibility of Tasmanian food safety has promoted its export of wine and fresh seafood. Today, Prime Minster of Australia Tony Abbot and President Xi Jinping of China are at Canberra to sign a new trade deal that will substantially reduce the tariffs of good such as wine. Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman will also be in Canberra to sign three Memorandum of Understanding agreements.

Without tariffs, Australian wine and seafood will become more affordable to the Chinese consumers. With so many food safety scandals in the past year, Australia imported goods have become a major hit with not only the upper class but also the middle class in China.

But be warned.

With the tariff gone, this also means that we will receive more products from China at cheaper prices. Although it will be very tempting to purchase the cheaper options when it comes to food, one must keep their safety in mind. China’s level of food safety is decidedly lower than the standards upheld locally. Consumers need to consider the ramifications of purchasing these possibly unsafe options. Also, our producers must continue to uphold the higher standard of food safety against cheaper competitors. Do not let the products fall to match the competing prices!

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