Tis The Season To Be Careful: Christmas Food Safety


With Christmas only being 10 days away, most of us are preparing the biggest feast of the year and as we think about the best dishes to share with those we love, we must remember to have Christmas food safety in mind; you do not want your food looking fabulous but leaving your guest rushing to the bathroom or worse, the hospital.

So as you prepare the shopping list, keep these things in mind;

  • Make sure there is enough room in your fridge for the ingredients you buy. You do not want to leave the out for too long!
  • When shopping and storing your goods, keep your vegetables separate to your meat. This will stop cross contamination.
  • Before a product goes into the trolley, check the sell by and use by date displayed on the packaging.
  • Use a food thermometer to ensure that meats are at the right temperature before you serve it.
  • As you begin preparing your food, make sure you wash your hands! This will prevent any germs on your hand from transferring onto your ingredients.
  • Rinse fresh fruit and vegetables just before serving or consuming unless labeled “ready-to-eat” or “prewashed.”

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