UAE food safety

UAE Food Safety Amongst Best System

UAE food safety

Recently, a new report showed that the current UAE food safety is rather advanced. The United Arab Emirates system was ranked moderately high in food safety and protein quality. A moderate score is given anywhere from 25 to 75. Fortunately, the UAE scored at the top of this range. This placed the country 32nd globally and they were third around their region.

Food safety expert at the Dubai Municipality, Dr. Basheer Yousef claims that this result came from the close relationship developed between the country’s food safety authorities and national security. Furthermore, the UAE food safety authorities always try to base their food safety risk analysis on hard evidence to ensure that good and healthy foods are not rejected for some trivial reason. This hard line of thinking reduces food wastage and has had a enormous impact on the state of food security.

However, even with such a great ranking, people admit there is still room for improvement. To generalise, the biggest weakness in the UAE food safety system at the moment is the overall nutritional quality of an average persons diet. This puts into consideration the country’s extremely high levels of diabetes. The average UAE diet has low availability of iron from animal and vegetable sources and a high percentage of starchy foods, including cereals.

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