US discusses Chinese Food Safety In Poultry

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Last week, Senator Sherrod Brown (Democrat-Ohio) and Rep. Chris Smith (Republican-New Jersey) held a Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC) to discuss the safety issues of processed poultry and pet treats from China. The main issue is caused by the a list of four plants that the country has certified as eligible to export processed chicken to the United States. However, before the goods can be exported, China must create a proper health certificate that shows the poultry was raised and slaughtered in either the United States, Canada or Chile and that is was cooked to a proper temperature.

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Knowing how important properly cooked chicken is, the United States has taken a good and cautious move in ensuring the safety of their citizen. China has not had the best track record in terms of health and safety. Though this might strain the relationship between the two countries, it is more important to keep the civilians safe.

But is that going to be enough? Let’s hope so.

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