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Weapon Against Obesity: Plain Food Packaging


Is plain food packaging going to help the obesity crisis in Australia? The government sure thinks so. With one in four Australian’ children being obese, they have to come up with more innovative ideas to help Australia become a healthier nation.

The move to plain packaging will hopefully deter children from junk food. In order to improve the dietary and nutritional levels of the populace, it requires the relevant legislative frameworks for food safety and quality…while avoiding inappropriate marketing and publicity of foods and non-alcoholic beverages to children. One such way is to restrict the tools of marketing for food producers. Most of the unhealthy options have vibrant and bright colours on the packaging, which attracts the attention of the kids.

What do Australian exporters and International importers think about this move?

They hate it! For good reason though! With most of our exporters being in Asia, the plain branding will not entice them. Asians love buying Australian products because they trust the brands; they are safe and produce great products. But with plain packaging, the consumers will not be able to recognise it as an Aussie product and will not buy it.

With this in consideration, what will the government do? We’re going to have to hang tight…and watch the game unfold!

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