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7 Tips For Christmas Leftovers



Christmas is about extravagance but this also means that during the festive dinner, there also is the dreaded Christmas leftovers. Read on to see the best way to save your food (and your money) for another day!

The following tips not only apply on Christmas but on any other occasion when you have extra food left on your table after your meal?

  1. Refrigerate now – once you know the food will no longer be eaten, put it in the fridge immediately! This will stop foodborne pathogens from growing in your food.
  2. Put out what you need – don’t place an excessive amount of food on the table, to begin with. Yes, it may look pretty but it’s not realistic to eat that much food surely?
  3. Consider freezing – if the food that is leftover is something you can freeze, do so! This will bring longevity to your food.
  4. Toss – if it looks or smells weird, toss it! Don’t try to salvage what cannot be saved unless you want about of food poisoning
  5. WARNING: rice and raw eggs – these two foods fall into a very dangerous category since they easily. Be super wary of them.
  6. Cover your food – even in the fridge, pathogens can form. The best way to slow this process is to cover it so airborne bacteria won’t touch your food
  7. Heat thoroughly – when it comes to eating the leftovers, heat it up properly as to kill all the foodborne pathogens that might be on the food.

Because I (the blogger) am going on holidays from today, this concludes the Food Safety Blog for 2015. Thank you for all your support over the past year and I hope that you got yourself more acquainted with food safety practices and you were able to get the latest news locally and internationally in regards to food safety. From all of us at OnSolutions, have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. See you all in 2016!

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