A Kraft-y Situation: Cheese Gets Recalled


When I was growing up, it was always a treat when my sandwich consisted of ham, tomato and cheese – the Kraft Single type that was individually wrapped in its own plastic wrap. But it seems my old treat has fallen from its high vantage point. Earlier this month in the United States of America, Kraft Cheese Singles were recalled for food safety issues.

The Albama Department of Agriculture and Industries Consumer Food Safety Inspectors and Ag Compliance Inspectors discovered that the thin plastic packaging used for the cheese slices could remain on the cheese – even after you have ‘technically’ removed it! It was since then, it was deemed a choking hazard.

Though this issue only occurred to some of their Single Cheese products, nevertheless Kraft is sincerely apologetic about this occurrence. They urge consumers to return their products if they perchance bought the item falling under the category.

Even though it is a whole ocean away, we in Australia need to be a lookout for this as well. Do you need to be more careful in the way you extract items from ANY food packaging? Are there ways for you to make sure you do not consume packaging by accident?

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