A McDonald’s ‘Reformation’


No one can forget the chicken fiasco McDonald’s had to endure last year in China. If you do not remember this food safety scandal, that’s OK – click here for our post regarding this issue! So obviously, McDonald’s has been trying various ways to market and rebrand their chicken products and unfortunately to no avail. Until now. McDonald’s in the United States has announced that they will begin phasing out the use of antibiotics in their chicken sold at 14,000 U.S. locations over the next two years.

The Theory Of McDonald’s

Here are what some people think might cause McDonald’s to move in this direction;

  • Many of McDonald’s non-traditional fast food chains like Chik-fil-A are gaining market shares for heading towards a healthier food-on-the-go alternative. These chains are using sustainable, antibiotic-free meat.
  • Major supermarket chains like Walmart are selling antibiotic-free chicken in their stores. This will eventually make it a norm in households.

But will this move really help the sales of this company? We will not know until it goes into stores but it seems to be a two-sided coin. Those are in favour of organic food will see it as positive move and be hopeful that this might implement into McDonald’s other meats. However, those that see the antibiotics used in chicken as something that protects the consumer might not be so happy with this move…

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