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An Interview On The Rotten Food Cookbook


A few weeks back, we did a review on the Rotten Food Cookbook (click here for our review). Only just last week, the author, Shane van de Vorstenbosch had an interview on ABC radio. We do a quick recap of what was discussed.

As the author of this satirical piece, Shane shares with Linda his own experience of food poisoning and the statistics of Australians contracting food poisoning. He also clarifies that sometimes the cause of food poisoning may not come from the source but is cross-contaminated (like preparing raw chicken and then not washing your hands to make your salad – that will cause salmonella).

The interview also discusses how we relax on food safety at home. But in truth, there is no better place to uphold food safety than your own house! Shane gives many tips on how to protect you and your family from foodborne pathogens – check out the interview in the YouTube clip above.

Do you have to demystify your current standpoint of food safety? Do you need to know the proper method of handling food? The Rotten Food Cookbook will make it fun and educational!

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