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Asia Food Safety Round Up 1, 2015


Our blog has not featured an Asia food safety round up in a while, so here is one especially for you all!

China – Grim Food Safety Situation

China’s Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has admitted the current food and drug safety situation in the country is “grim” and outlined how it intends to improve matters. With so many scandals over the past few months, the authorities now see a need to be more proactive in their food safety approach.

India – 23 Kids Food Poisoned in Mumbai

After their lunch break, 23 students started vomiting, having diarrhoea and complaining about abdomen pain. Police and food safety authorities arrived at the school to begin their investigations. Earlier on, the government stated that children must be given khichdi in their midday meals throughout the week, along with fruits, soya biscuits, chikki, rajgiri ladoos, jaggery and groundnuts once a week – but unfortunately, not all schools follow these rules.

Japan – McDonald’s Drama Continues

Earlier in January, plastic was found in a McDonald’s nugget in Japan. Consumers were outraged by this incident. As McDonald’s started investigating how the plastic got in the nugget in the first place, they have found no link between a Thai plant with this incident.

Lebanon – Authorities Finalise Food Laws

Lebanon’s health minister is extremely pleased with the finalisation of the new laws that will help regulate food safety standards around the country. Its focus will help regulate all parts of the food chain. There is also a big focus on implementing these laws, as opposed to simply creating it and the relapsing into a state of denial.

Thailand – Chicken Blood is Source of Food Poisoning

Thailand has become the first country to detect Vibrio parahaemolyticus, a bacterium that causes food poisoning, in chicken blood. Normally the bacterium is found in freshwater fish. Chicken blood is a delicacy in Thailand, so extra precautions are taken to prevent any future food poisoning scenarios.

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