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Aussie Grown Frozen Berries: ON SALE SOON


After the food safety scandal regarding Nana’s frozen berries, many consumers began questioning the country of origin for our produce. Why are we not getting Australian grown goods? As these questions arose, an Australian company took a step to become the first commercial home-grown berries are set to hit supermarket shelves in June!

But like with all good things in this world, there is a slight catch. The Australian company based on the Mornington Peninsula stated that their frozen berries will be more expensive than their overseas counterpart. But the CEO of Matilda Berries does not think that it will be a major issue. After experiencing such dramatic issues, Australian consumers now have a greater understanding as to why Australian products are a bit more expensive

What Makes Aussie Frozen Berries Safer?

The Nana’s Frozen Berries were produced by an Australian company but the berries themselves came from China. With a bad enough reputation, many can surmise that a food safety protocol was probably breached during the process of production. However since the Australian food safety standards are a lot tighter than in China, the produce would be meticulously examined before being put on shelves for consumers to buy.

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