Australian Milk Recalled In Hong Kong


One of Australia’s biggest exports is dairy products, like milk. It is normally traded to people in Asia, who are more wary about their own dairy products, like Hong Kong. However, the table has turned on this story.

The Hong Kong Government’s Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has recalled milk produced by West Australian company Harvey Fresh. Investigation into this occurred after consumers complained about a ‘strange taste’ in the milk.

After examination, the testing done by the Department’s Centre for Food safety revealed that there was a total bacteria count of more than 300 million per millimetre – a lot higher than the legal limit of bacteria that should be found in fresh milk (the legal limit is 30,000 bacteria per millimetre).

Since then, vendors of Harvey Fresh milk have ceased the sale of this particular batch that had a use by date of September 6, 2015.

Even though this happened in Hong Kong, the milk produced was on our very own soil. Has your milk tasted different recently? Do you need to check the milk you drink at home?

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