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Behavioural Based Food Safety


Many restaurants try different methods to improve its food safety standard. However, no matter what happens, failures still happen. When there are humans involved, errors are inevitable. Knowing that we explore a modern training method that provides an effective and enjoyable alternative with measurable results for both the employer and employee.

Traditionally, rules are set in place and employees are expected to follow these rules. And in an ideal world, this is true but as we face reality, we know that rules are not followed all the time. In order to achieve successful results, one must depend on the correct planning.

The planning process might mean collecting the appropriate procedures, instructions, guidelines and plans for your organisation’s activity. Once that is done, adapt by using the best available tools, deliver the plan for execution, monitor the actual results and see if the plan needs to be improved. So the key to managing an organisation is to have every manager and employee work exactly according to the plan.

Now since it is the employer or manager that sets these rules, it is important that it is concise. An employee might not have the same mindset as you! Make sure the following conditions are met.

  1. He or she has to know what to do and how to do it.
  2. They must be capable of doing it.
  3. They need to remember what to do.
  4. She or he must decide to do it.

Adapt this methodology to the current food safety practices you have in place and it will ensure that your employees can maintain good food safety practices.

If you want more information, stay tuned for the IFSQN web seminar on Behavioural Based Food Safety coming Monday!

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