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As the Christmas season approaches, many of us are considering the centrepiece of the dining table; the Christmas ham. But with coming from all over the world nowadays, what type of ham should we be buying?

For Australian award winning butcher, Adam Stratton, the answer is simple. Buy local Australian ham this festive season! With almost 22 million of a kilogram of ham sold in the land down under at Christmas, not all of it is Australia. This means some of the ham we buy might have been on a boat for three months before going into our mouths. Hailing from places such as Scandinavia, Asia and North America, these products can not compare to their Aussie counterpart in appearance, taste and value.

How do you identify which one is made in Australia? That is where food labelling comes in handy. The Aussie products would have the hot pink Australian PorkMark logo – this is a guarantee that the ham is made with 100 per cent Australian home-grown pork.

Are you going to buy Australian ham over the Christmas holidays? Do you know the right labels to look for when you go to the supermarkets?

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