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canola oil

The Western Australian government has been discussing the production of canola oil recently. Specifically, talking about the way it is produced. The State Opposition wants to implement a policy that stop farmers from growing genetically modified canola.

Last week, the IFSQN web seminar discussed the issue of organic and non organic produce (click here to find out more). With our understanding of organic materials, this seems to be the right direction to take. But for the major companies, they believe that this proposal might set the Western Australian grain industry back by 15 years.

Monsanto managing director Daniel Kruithoff says that using their gene technology, Western Australian farmers increased their crops by 20%, making more than 600 tonnes.

Labor opposition spokesperson Darren West stated that they aren’t opposed to all GM cropping. Mr West also said that Labor would welcome a meeting with Monsanto but rejected the criticism of its policy on GM canola.“Monsanto is set to make a lot of money out of WA grain growers and, of course, they will be frustrated with anyone who stands between them and that money.”

What is your stance on this debate? Do you think it is important more important to have organic food or to have a growing economy?

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