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CAT-errific News: Sydney Will Get Their Cat Café


The long awaited international phenomenon known as the cat café will finally arrive somewhere in the Sydney CBD in July 2015. For those that are not acquainted with this trend, it basically it is your normal, average café… but with cats.

Melbourne is already one step ahead! They already have their cat café, but being a Sydney sider myself, I can proudly say that we have one-upped our rival city. This café will not only be cat themed but also SPACE themed! It is like the internet exploded into one location.

The appropriately named café, CATMOSPHERE, has their location still under wraps but I can ensure you, everybody will know when it opens and once you trace the 1-kilometre long line, you know you are at the right spot.

The Cat Café PAW-blem

As I revealed this most exciting news to some of my colleagues, I got some mixed reactions. Some, like me, were quite excited at the prospect but most were simply concerned about the hygiene issue. “I don’t want cat fur in my coffee!” and “Ew… I can’t do it!” were some of the most common things I heard my colleagues say. But is it really that bad?

Cats are known to be self-sufficiently clean animals and humans and cats do not share many diseases, it seems like a sound idea. Of course, there are some diseases you need to look out for but the main issue is whether the owners keep the restaurant clean or not. The issue of cat fur may raise a lot of problems so the owners will have to constantly monitor the fur levels.

After yesterday’s post about cockroaches (click here for the story), I am beginning to understand to controversy of this issue. Because cats are cuter and more lovable, they are allowed in a restaurant though they might also carry disease? Until we see this play out, we can’t question the food safety ethics behind it. For now, just go and enjoy the novelty of it (I know I will).

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