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Are We Causing Our Food Poisoning?

Most victims of food poisoning are quick to blame a restaurant they visited or the food made by others at a pot luck dinner. But the truth is, we might be our own worst enemies. After the fiasco with the hepatitis A scare (click here for more information about the frozen berries), more consumers are all the on lookout.

The issue is that supermarkets – especially the major chain stores – produce their products overseas. Supermarkets want more control over the food chain and for cheap production, they source their ingredients overseas. This means safe Australian produce are not being used in the product.

But the sad thing is that, though consumers have known these facts for a year, we still buy the supermarket branded products. Why? Because they are cheaper (and I will be the first to put my hand up – I am the biggest offender of this).

Stop Food Poisoning!

So what do we need to do? Consider the production process of what you buy. Even if it means paying a bit more, take the safer option! It is easier said than done but we need to follow our words with actions, Or that’s all that they will be. Words.

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