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Coca Cola Life: Not An Elixir Of Life After All…


With the recent release of Coke Life, the Coca Cola company have now been accused of over selling the ‘healthiness’ of their new product. Researchers have found that even the healthier option of Coke Life still contains the full amount of an adult’s recommended daily allowance of sugar

What Make Coca Cola life different?

Many might not have heard of the new product. The producers have partially included a naturally sweet plant called Stevia. This unprocessed sugar will hopefully attract the consumers who are seeking to be healthier.

But even with the healthier option in Coke Life, the 330ml can of soft drink still has 22g of sugar (which equates to 6 teaspoons of sugar and 89 calories). This amount already reaches the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of an adult’s (with the average body mass index) intake od sugar! WHO recommends adults only eat 25g (six teaspoons) of sugar in total per day.

Furthermore, researchers have found that sugary drinks do not just cause weight gain they rot teeth, increase fat on the liver and fat around the waist. So the fact that Coca-Cola is making a big fuss about the low sugar levels in the drinks (and I guess it’s true in comparison to its other counterparts) is misleading the consumers.

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