Deliveroo Has Landed Down Under!

The United Kingdom has had the privilege of using Deliveroo since 2013. It is a website (and with an app you can download onto your phone) that allows the user to order food at restaurants that do only pick-up takeaway food. Now, the company has made its mark on Sydney and Melbourne.

Deliveroo partners with different restaurants in your local area and they send out delivery people (as they call them, Roo women and Roomen) who pick up your food on your behalf and deliver the food straight to your door! There is a flat delivery fee of $5 whether you are ordering for one or a party of seven – the service is due to launch its app in the coming weeks which will allow customers to track the progress of their order in real time. With restaurants like 38 Chairs, Uncle, Huxtaburger, Spice Room and Red Lantern partnered, it seems to be a promising business!

On a food safety note, it seems a bit hard to manage. Considering that a third party, Deliveroo, takes the full responsibility of getting the food to your door, if you get sick, who takes the blame; the restaurants or the delivery people? Likelihood of that happening is low, but we all know foodborne pathogens grow quite quickly and since the food will not be delivered until a certain time, who knows what germs can fester? I am not trying to freak any of you out, but hey, better safe than sorry.

If you want to check out this pretty efficient company, click here to visit the Australian Deliveroo site.

Yet, as you go, be warned of the chance of foodborne pathogens in your food. Can you consider methods you can take to make sure the food is safe to eat before consumption?

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