Exports In Jeopardy with Strike


Australian exports will be disrupted due to the frontline quarantine and certification services will be on hold next week as a result of the staff strike against the Agriculture Department. Last Friday, the 20th of March, the public service union decided to go against the Agriculture Department’s enterprise offer.

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) believes the pay and condition offered to the existing staff is atrocious, involving a real wage cut, as well as cuts to superannuation and conditions. CPSU believes that these workers should have a fair go because they “undertake tough, dirty work in sometimes dangerous conditions and (it ensures)… that our multi-billion agriculture industry is free from disease and pests, and they deserve to be treated better than they’re being treated by this government”.

How does this affect Australian exports?

In the current system, exported meat is thoroughly checked for bacterial or disease issues before it leaves our shores. From previous experience when a non-government agency dealt with this, some exports market (like the United States and Europe) would not accept the meat unless it has been inspected by government officials or third parties.

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