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Food Labeling Works Alongside Australia Made

Food labeling has been on the discussion table for a long time now. Recently, the Australian government has made the decision to consult stakeholders and undertake consumer research into its proposal to introduce a mandatory ‘Australian content’ symbol for all locally produced food products. And thankfully, the Australian Made Campaign wholeheartedly agrees.

The Australia Made Campaign is a non-profit campaign and seeks to promote the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo, Australia’s registered country-of-origin certification trade mark for all classes of Australian goods. The campaign is very impressed by the incentives that are being taken by the Australian Ministers for Agriculture and Industry. The ministers have taking the Australian Made branding as a priority. Working alongside with the Australian Made campaign, the government will hopefully be able to take big steps in promoting the branding.

The Current Food Labeling Issue

In recent years, the rules for using the logo on food products are more stringent than the rules for making country-of-origin claims under Australian Consumer Law. The Australian Made Campaign has been lobbying for that gap to be closed, and an education program to be rolled out to help increase understanding of country-of-origin claims and the value proposition of buying Australian made and Australian grown products.

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