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Food Poisoning Round Up – August 2015


It has been a while since we did a food poisoning round up. So why not start now! Here are some the news from around the world and what type of food safety scandals they caught themselves in.

Kenya: Two Children Die From Suspected Food Poisoning

After consuming rice at their family home, two children have died. The rice is suspected to be contaminated with some sort of food-borne pathogen. The two children were part of a family of nine. The other seven children are also in critical condition.

United States Of America: Norovirus Outbreak In San Diego

The guests of the Shelter Island journalism banquet held at the Bali Hai restaurant in San Diego have been struck with a norovirus outbreak. Since last week, at least 61 people sick but officials have not been able to conclude the source of the outbreak.

Only the people that at the banquet were sick, normal restaurant goers have shown no symptoms thus far.

Phillippines: Albay Food Poisoning Victims Now Count to 102

Since Tuesday 28th of July 2015, the original 32 victims of food poisoning contracted from a party have skyrocketed to 102. The Provincial Health Office (PHO) is currently investigating into the ‘palabok’ served at the party and the restaurant that provided the food for the party.

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