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Food Safety Round Up: World In September


It has been a while, so it is time to revisit what’s happening in the world of food safety! Join us with a quick around the world trip to see what has not been so smooth sailing in the realm of food.

England: Haloumi and Infused Oils Recalled

The OOO company recalled their vacuum packed halloumi cheese, garlic, basil and chilli oils fearing that there may be a rare but potentially deadly strain of botulism in their products. Due to a lack of controlling factors in manufacture, the company is worried that it might have succumbed its products to the toxin.

The United States of America: New Food Safety Rules After Fatal Outbreak

You might remember the Blue Bell ice cream listeria outbreak caused by unhygienic equipment and storage facilities in the factory (see more here). Since then, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has placed severe laws to prevent this from happening again. The new rules require food manufacturers to submit food safety plans to the government to prove their operations are clean. Companies will have to prepare detailed plans that lay out how they handle the food, how they process it, how they clean their facilities and how they keep food at the right temperatures, among other safety measures.

Turkey: Food Safety Issue Still To Be Resolved

10% of Turkey’s food producers and/or retailers have an official licence from the state, meaning that many food outlets are never inspected. This means that a vast majority of food establishments put customers at risk. Foodborne illnesses have killed more people than a conventionally defined terrorist attack! A Turkish food industry official said that the government should hike legal sanctions to stop such companies trying to cut production costs by using unacceptable methods.

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