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Food Safety Slips Through Imported Cracks


Internationally, Australia is applauded for the high food safety standards. Many European chefs marvel at the quality of Australian produce but what are we, the people who live in this country, left with? Apparently, we are not left with much at all.

Recently, it was discovered that nearly all fruit and vegetables imported to Australia are not subject to any safety testing at all prior to going on sale. In the Australian produce market, that is not a big concern – produce is grown in secure fertile land. But on an international market, some farms are located in close proximity to real estate and the land itself may not be well suited to farming. This can cause possible health issues (like how contaminated water can affect the final produce).

Food Safety Opinion

It seems unfair that our ‘amazing’ produce are all being exported, leaving us with the bad imported foods from other countries. As Australians, we should be allowed to have some Australian products to enjoy! However, for farmers, I understand that exporting is the way to go – they get a better profit margin from it all. So the least they could do is to complete a food safety check for all the poor Aussies here who cannot enjoy their home-grown produce.

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