Food To Avoid On Travels

With many Australians planning their overseas travels in preparation of evading winter, people lose their routines. And their food habits go out the window. Hopefully, this post will push many travellers to remember food safety whilst travelling.

Many people know not to drink the water, eat any undercooked meat or other proteins (especially shellfish), or imbibe unpasteurised dairy to avoid traveller’s diarrhoea, Delhi belly, Montezuma’s revenge etc. But there are some ‘under the radar’ foods that you should pass on overseas.

Cautious Travels

So when you are travelling, besides the normal foods or liquids you would avoid, be careful when consuming the following;

  • Lettuce, lettuce and other ‘un-skinned’ fruits and vegetables – keep away from eating anything raw that grows above ground level

  • Ice cream – if it was previously frozen, melted and then refrozen, it produces a lot of bacteria

  • Fried Rice – the meat used in fried rice might be left hanging around and flash-fried

  • Leftovers – pretty self explanatory right?

  • Craft brews and liquors – the alcohol could be kept in unsanitary conditions and could contain questionable levels of alcohol

  • Sauce – ingredients like fresh herbs and raw eggs can cause problems

  • Fountain soft drinks – could be made by tap water

Has this post pushed you to be more cautious in your diet while traveling?

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