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French Supermarkets; More Harm Than Good?


One Frenchman has caused a lot of trouble for the government and the French supermarket system. Councillor Arash Dermabash started a campaign against food waste in shops and urges the world to follow suit.

Mr Dermabash pushed for this legislation as a part of a wider law amendment  – the Loi Macron – that covers economic activity and equality in France and is expected to be passed by the national assembly soon, entering the statute books shortly afterwards.

How This French Market Revolution Can Have A Negative Effect

I have to admit, I know he has the best of intentions in mind. Putting ‘good’ food to waste is a shame and why not put it into better use by feeding the hungry. But is it really considerate to the poor? You might remember our post yesterday based on a very similar topic (click here to read it); how food should be given to homeless people. The main point: don’t give food out to homeless people – it’s a food safety risk.

How does this make society more fair?

If we want to solve the issue of feeding the poor, I don’t think providing food that the middle class deem unworthy of consumption is making the situation any more equal. I understand the good intentions coming out of this movement, but I disagree that the first step of equality is giving away bad food to poor people.

It may help in the short run and help people to survive – and good on France for attempting to do so! But this won’t solve the root of the problem. And in my humble opinion, giving poor people food that would be put I the trash is even more demeaning than originally.

Do you think food that supermarkets get rid of should be used to provide food for people who are less fortunate than ourselves?

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