Funds To Help Farmers Food Safety


With such tough food safety laws, farmers (especially those that own smaller farms) are finding it more difficult to keep up-to-date with the food regulation system. The system is designed for with larger, industrial producers in mind and could be unfair and confusing for smaller producers. This defence fund will hopefully even out the playing field for smaller producers.

Inspired by a similar fund operating in the United States of America, the fund will help not only the producers but also the consumers. In the States, you pay a joining fee. This goes to funding lawyers whole will be available to help subscribers 24/7. If a member was suddenly approached by food safety authorities, the lawyers will help defend the subscriber.

The Aussie Farmers Adaptation

Currently, Victorian farmers are finding it hard to adapt to the recent changes in the raw milk regulations and the compulsory stamping of eggs are proving difficult for small-time producers. Why? Because these changes have caused them the loss of income or led to higher production costs. In such scenarios, the lawyers will help them argue for exemptions or changes to the regulations.

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