Golden Circle Juice Under Hindu Scrutiny



This slightly unprecedented Juice food safety scandal has rocked Australian’s Hindu population. Why? Because it was revealed that some particular ‘secret ingredients’ in this brand of juices imposes on Hindu consumers’ religious sentiment.

The Consumer Council of Fiji (CCF) has revealed that many consumers were in an uproar after discovering that there are traces of beef products and alcohol used in the production of Golden Circle juices.

A Melbourne resident first discovered this fact after writing to Heinz Australia (the company that runs Golden Circle juices), to confirm the rumours about the use of such ingredients in the drinks. Heinz replied that Golden Circle long-life range was made using a clarifying agent derived from beef and that alcohol-based flavours and was used throughout the drinks range. Furthermore, Heinz stated that flavours including alcohol based flavours are used across the Golden Circle and Original Juice Co and beef derived gelatine is also used to remove “cloudiness” in its apple juice.

What now for this Aussie juice company?

Better food labelling standards have to be met! Considering that Golden Circle is internationally renowned, the manufacturers have to consider the different religious sentiments individual consumers have across the globe.  But more importantly, such a big manufacturer should not lie about the products they use. They are simply abusing the trust of their consumers. I believe this revelation will heavily impact the sales of the juices.

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