Hemp Backed By Tasmanian Government


Many have fought for the right to use hemp in food. Though this argument has been rejected by all Australian state governments, Tasmania is in the process of introducing a legislation that would encourage the state’s hemp industry.

For many years, many Australian ministers have showed concern in this mater, saying that it can effect law enforcement. One scenario that would be complicated is when police are to hold roadside drug testing; the offender would have a positive reading even though technically they consumed the hemp good under lawful use. This goes along with cannabidol levels which can raise concerns that marketing hemp in food might make some consumers confused about the acceptability of using cannabis.

However, Tasmania has recently released a statement saying they want to help and support the growth of the industry. As a part of Tasmania’s AgriVision 2050 plan, the government believes that the hemp industry can help to reach their goal of $10 billion per year by 2050.

Hemp Of The Future

The Tasmanian government plans to introduce a five year licence, which will replace the current 12 month permit. This movement will help improve the industrial hemp product production.

Though food containing the drug still looks like it won’t be legalised for a while, this is a major step forward for the hemp industry.

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