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Homeless Food Safety: Don’t Share!


We all want to help those less fortunate than ourselves, but as we consider different ways we can help, we need to consider how to approach homeless food safety. However, America might have taken it a bit to far. Since January 2014, the United States has considered this issue and since 21 cities have placed bans on sharing food with homeless people and another 10 more cities are planning to follow suit.

The new regulation makes it illegal for people to freely give food to the homeless. Only those with a permit are allowed to distribute food in public.

In a report given by the National Coalition for Homeless last week, it says that thinking that providing free food for the homeless is enable them to stay homeless is a very narrow mindset. Another aspect that leads to this legislation is the demand from homeowners and business owners who want to keep the homeless away from their property by forcing food pantries and other services out of their neighbourhoods, so that homeless aren’t “attracted” to their area.

With one out of six U.S. citizen struggling to get enough to eat, this put a lot of vulnerable people at risk. If the cities continue in this direction, it will be detrimental to homeless individuals’ physical, mental and emotional health.

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