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Maggi Noodles Face Courts In India


Today, the Bombay High Court in India will listen to Nestle’s case against Maggi Noodles. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have filed against Maggi Noodles (a Nestle India product) and the FSSAI hopes to file a country wide ban on the noodles.

Why is the FSSAI taking such drastic measures? Last week, the FSSAI declared that the noodles were unsafe and hazardous for human consumption. Nestle immediately recalled the items after the lead level concern as expressed by the FSSAI. But lead levels are not the only concerns they have. They also believe that the Maggi noodles have misleading labelling information on MSG and released a non-standardised product without taking the proper risk assessment.

How Has This Affected Maggi Noodles Internationally?

Since the news got out last week, Maggi noodles are now being investigated in Canada and the UK. Singapore has already done its testing, and the noodles pass.

And for Australians? We should be slightly concerned because some of our Maggi noodles product is imported from India…

Do you need to check your pantry for Maggi noodles?

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