McDonald’s Killing Good Bacteria


We all know that McDonald’s is not the healthiest option. After the infamous documentary Supersize Me, people attributed the un-healthiness of Maccas to the toxic mix of carbs and fat plus the added chemicals and preservatives in junk foods. But there’s another explanation…it’s killing all the good bacteria in our system!

Studies have shown that some of the microbes that live in our gut are being threatened! The intensive fat diet that can be caused by excessive consumption of fast food are dramatically affecting the microbes in our bodies. A recent research showed that after consuming a diet that was high in fat and animal proteins and low dietary fibre, the subjects’ metabolism changed to a diabetic and unhealthy profile within just two weeks and had lower markers for colon cancer risk.

The Bacteria Test

Another experiment had the subject consume only McDonald’s for ten days. By the end of the period, the subject was lethargic and feeling quite ill. After getting tested, he found that his community of gut microbes (called a microbiome) had been devastated. The clearest marker of an unhealthy gut is the loss of diversity of microbes and after a few days, the subject lost about an estimated 1,400 species — nearly 40% of the total. The changes persisted and even two weeks after the diet his microbes had not recovered. Loss of diversity is a universal signal of ill health in the guts of obese and diabetic people and triggers a range of immunity problems.

Has this changed the way you perceive McDonald’s? Do you think your fast food habit might change after this article?

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