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Melbourne Hotel Failed Hygiene Inspection


For all those that run a food business, hygiene inspections are a necessary evil – it keeps you on your toes but it keeps your food safe from your customers and your reputation intact. Unless you hide the fact that you have failed previous food hygiene inspections; which is what the Langham Hotel has done in Melbourne.

After a salmonella outbreak occurred early last week, the Herald Sun reported that the kitchen at Langham was almost shut down a couple of times. After being served a high tea course at the hotel, six people were hospitalised and another 28 people got a bad bout of food poisoning.

It was revealed the Langham Hotel had failed food safety inspections in February 2014 but the issue was rectified by March 2014.

But Langham Hotel was not the only place that got hit by a hygiene inspection in Melbourne. In the city of Yarra, a Collingwood Japanese restaurant was fined $30,000 after rodent faecal matter was found in flour, rice and breadcrumbs! Another Thai restaurant was closed temporarily in the south-eastern suburb of Elsternwick after it was found to have poor food safety and hygiene standards. City of Melbourne, you better keep your eye open!

Do you need to be more careful in the way you carry out hygiene practices in your food business?

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