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Most Common Food Waste

There is a huge emphasis on throwing out food if it is off in food safety which leads to food waste. We all know this is becoming a huge problem in our society and we all know, deep in our hearts, it is a pretty horrible thing to do with millions of people starving in other countries.

A recent study shows that the most common food thrown out in our households is fresh produce. A lot of the purchases end up in the bin by the end of the week! With 24% of Australians confessing to throwing away fresh vegetables, even though they know there is a growing demand for buying fresh food. The most guilty of states are New South Wales, with households wasting an average of $1475 worth of food per year, almost twice that of Queensland households.

Other main food culprits include meat, fish and milk. Especially if they disappear into the abyss of your fridge – it is not until the putrid smell of off meat hits you that you remember there is meat hiding in there!

Do you need to keep better tabs on your food? Can you think of a better way of controlling the produce you buy? Can you throw your food into compost instead?

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