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Mythbusters – Food Safety Style


As we reach the middle of the summer season down under, a good food safety reminder of what to bring to a picnic in the park or what not to put in your hamper as you head to the beach is called in session. Here are some comments on food safety that one might hear, but be weary they are not true!

  1. The mayonnaise is at fault here! – This is the easiest way out in another conundrum. This might have been the case half a century ago (mayonnaise used to be produced by raw eggs) but now producers use pasteurised eggs and adding ‘acidifying agents’ like lemon juice and vinegar.
  2. It’s vegetarian, it will be fine – n the past decade, more foodborne illnesses have been associated with produce than meat, seafood, eggs or dairy. Bacteria can grow on produce too so it is of vital importance to keep items cold or hot to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  3. Hand sanitiser will be a life saver! – Hand sanitisers are not strong enough to kill of some foodborne illnesses. Pathogens like norovirus cannot be killed by the power of hand sanitisers.
  4. What doesn’t kill you makes him stronger – Famous last words. Of course, bacteria serves our world but most of them can cause great harm to humans. While some illnesses are brief like the common cold, there are other illnesses that can cause severe complications. In terms of foodborne illness, pathogens like salmonella can cause complications that may lead to hospitalisation, kidney problems, systemic infections, miscarriages and even death. So watch out!

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