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As any professional can tell you, having the reight qualification in your field is very important. Not only does it teach you the proper method of tackling the issue but also helps with your company’s consumer confidence. With a new food safety certificate now available, read on for a sneak peek of what this new qualification is all about.

In the 22nd Australian Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points (HACCP) Conference, Standards Australia International (SIA) Global announced its new food certificate for food industry professionals that ensures Australian food industry professionals will have the necessary training that can assist them to develop a clear career path. The new Diploma of Food Safety Quality Management is specifically designed for professionals working with the food industry in Operations, Food Safety and Quality Assurance roles.

Ever since there has been a growing gap between the Food Processing Training Package qualifications for food industry quality and compliance professionals, the SIA have been trying to find different ways to assure good food safety auditing and quality assurance. They believe that this new qualification will encourage more managers in the industry to help Australia continue to be a modern, safe, reliable and sustainable producer of food.

Are you a food industry manager that might need to look into this new qualification? Do you need to stay in the loop with all these new food safety changes?

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