It’s A New Year, Keep Healthy


With all the festivities of Christmas and the New Year well and truly over, it is time to start those healthy habits again. The holiday season tends to throw your body out of whack, so a healthy diet will definitely help soothe the nervousness of present choosing before Christmas. Here are some tips to help your body be revitalised.

  1. Stay hydrated – during the holidays, we tend to not drink as much water ( I know, I for one fall into this category). So drink several cups of water daily to help replenish your under-hydrated body.
  2. Add ‘superfoods’ to your diet – by adding fresh superfood to your daily intake, it will help boost your energy and immune function. Superfoods are nutrient-dense whole foods that have high amounts of micronutrients and other unique compounds that have incredible healing potential.
  3. Increase the good bacteria in your system – probiotic foods are great to help in this way, like yoghurt and pickled vegetables. You need the good bacteria because stress, too much sugar, alcohol, and even sleeplessness can allow toxin-spewing bacteria and even parasites to take charge.
  4. Add more high fibre food – many of us probably ‘gained’ a little weight over the holidays but some of that tummy might just be from bloating (phew…)! Along with probiotic food, fibrous products would help proper digestion. Try to get your fibre from veggies that are also low in calories, like broccoli, artichokes, berries, and beans.
  5. Get plenty of rest – good night’s sleep helps cortisol levels in check, meaning you store less fat and improve your immune function. Getting enough sleep can also help you to control appetite naturally and improve your mood, lessening stress.
  6. Exercise – pretty self-explanatory. Think of a way you can do this without having to change into gym clothes!

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